About the GSoC 2019 category


We’re delighted that Project PANOPTES has been selected as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code, 2019. We hope to introduce some students to our exciting project, and look forward to working with the students whose applications are accepted.

This is the place to publicly discuss the project’s participation in GSoC, and to publicly ask questions about working with the project, but not for private communication. For that, please send to our contact email list.

Note that you’re free to suggest project ideas other than those that we’ve proposed. The PANOPTES Observatory Control System (POCS) manages hardware, which might make it seem as if you can’t contribute without the hardware available, but we’ve written several simulators that help us on that front, enabling us to run many tests in our continuous integration environment (travis-ci). In fact, there are several simulators that could be added, and those can be rather fun to write!


hi @james.synge nice to hear from you!

could you just link the github repos where the current scheduler is situated so I can have a quick run through of the particular code base.



You can find the scheduler directory here: https://github.com/panoptes/POCS/tree/develop/pocs/scheduler
This scheduler operates locally on a single robotic scope. @wtgee Can provide more details on it. Please start a new topic with your questions about the scheduler.