Alternative Equatorial Mount Options

Good morning! I am in the process of purchasing an equatorial mount and keep meeting road blocks. The original suggested iOptron iEQ30 Pro is discontinued and a suggested alternative iOptron CEM25EC GoTo is backordered or out of stock. Does anyone have any further suggestions for alternatives that are comparable and/or you have installed with success?

TIA for any advice!

Hi Rob,
We’re now recommending the iOptron CEM26 that just came out.
Updated build instructions will soon come out with this mount (or its big brother the CEM40 which we’re currently using for a build in Hawaii)

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Thank you for the quick response @oguyon! I have check out both models and I think I will pass along the CEM26 option to be purchased. Thank you again and I look forward to updated build instructions as well as testing out a new option for mounting the cameras!