BIOS Options for NUC (enable "Reboot on Power Loss" and "Network Reboot")

@james.synge James - we restarted the NUC and pressed F7 to get into the BIOS to enable the “reboot on power loss” and “network reboot” options, but did not see any such options. Maybe we were in the wrong place. Where would we find these settings?

A Google search for [NUC bios power on options] came up with lots of results, including:

Thank you, @james.synge; we will take a look at it!

Thanks again, @james.synge! We believe we have completed this - BIOS set to restart on power failure.

Was that page sufficient, or did you get info from elsewhere? Can you share any challenges you encountered?

James, thanks again for the help. The main thing that helped is that the links you sent said to press F2 to get into the BIOS to change this setting. We did find it there. We had been pressing F7 as was listed on the start-up screen to get into the BIOS. We can go back and take some screen prints of this.

Some screen shots would be very helpful. You’ll probably need to use a camera to capture the screen because the BIOS probably doesn’t have a “print screen” option.