Board Questions

@james.synge, we have some questions on building the boards.

1.) The two temperature / humidity sensors: are they to be wired per the instructions or per the discussion on the Beta Test Builders Slack channel? The instructions say to put the yellow wire on the end, where as the discussion mentions putting the yellow wire in the middle. Also, whichever is correct, are both sensors to be done the exact same way?

2.) On the telemetry board, are there more detailed instructions for the temperature sensors and how they are to be connected into the connectors? The instructions say “Once the wire length is known …”. Is there some other, more clear instruction set for this? We do not know how to proceed on it.

3.) On the camera board, we have a question about part SAM1035-50-ND (row 15 of the power rail at the top of the board). Should the short end be soldered into the board, or the long end? Also, is it to be placed on the front of the board or the back of the board?

4.) Last question: once we have these answers and do whatever is necessary, we will be finished with our three boards. What would our next step be, and where would we find the latest instructions for that?

Thank you!
Christina & Doug

I’m going to answer these questions separately (partly so that I get some answer to you soon).

First, as I’m sure you know, the color of the plastic sheath around the wire doesn’t actually matter, but it is a very useful tool for us humans to follow the connections. In the case of the AM2302 temperature-humidity sensor, the colors indicate which pin of the underlying DHT22 the wire is connected to. Black is ground (GND in the data sheet), Red is DC power in the 3.3V to 6V range (VDD in the data sheet), and Yellow is connected to the signal pin (DATA in the data sheet).

The signal line (Yellow wire) needs to be connected to the appropriate Arduino Micro pin (D9 on both the camera and telemetry boards). My pictures of the camera board show it as being on the end of the 3 pin header that is closest to the Arduino pin. However, looking at the telemetry board photos, it appears that the signal line is in the middle.

Really, it doesn’t matter what order the is used, as long as the connector at the end of the wires matches the header. I would recommend making both of them the same so that you can swap the sensors around as you’re building/assembling without mishap.

The new PCB boards have arrived. Thought Id share the pic with all. These should simplify the parts list, reducing cost and make the assembly easier by exploiting an Infinion shield for switching multiple lines. Ill get to building this over the next month or so.

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Looks like we’ll need to specify standoff/mounts for attaching the boards to the boxes.

Is this the board that Panoptes supplies per parts list $0?

Joe Wise

Yes, the interface board is being evaluated now. It failed a few of the tests, so Luc will be making some adjustments, after which a new run of prototype boards will be produced for testing.

When will we be receiving the new boards? We need an update.


The new interface board has been completed. It will be ordered this week. Should have it in a week and can then distribute to several groups.
Stay tuned.

Do you want me to come and pick one up?

Joe Wise

Sure. You could make your visit at the same time. Id say it should be in in 1-2 weeks.

Let’s assume week of October 29th. I’ll get a day set with the kids.


Is there a components list we could order from for the electronics we will need?


Hi Joe
That should be fine. Ill be around that week. Luc is finalizing the order. Should be placed tomorrow. Once thats done James will refine the parts list. He can share it with you and other beta testers so we can start ordering things. Id say towards the end of the week if he gets time.