Build thread for 'Cloudy'


Hey All!

I’m starting assembly of a baseline PANOPTES unit for Google Cloud demos. It’s nicknamed Cloudy :slight_smile:

Components are stating to arrive, so I figured it was a good time to start a build thread. Here I’ll log my progress, and share my thoughts on the build.

The plan

I’m going to build in roughly this order:

  • Mount assembly
  • Camera box electronics
  • Rest of camera box assembly

At this point, Cloudy will go on tour at Google events. Once it’s done with its world tour, I’ll finish it off so it can do actual science.

  • Control box assembly
  • Weather proofing
  • Find a place for it to do its work

I’m using these instructions:


Cloudy is coming along pretty well! I have the physical assembly of the head unit done, so it mounts up as you can see.

Build observations

  • I was unable to achieve 0.5mm tolerance on the head unit mechanical parts using only hand tools. It fits together, but it’s off by at least an mm for sure. I assume I’ll have to try again, and will probably do so with higher precision tools (a CNC mill or a water jet).

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