Build Thread for Edgewater, MD South River High School Seahawks

Students at South River high school are working on a PANOPTES unit. The unit was started as a senior capstone project in the Project Lead The Way Engineering Design Development class during the 2019-2020 school year. The project was then passed on to a junior class called Community Challenge during the current 2020-2021 school year.

The completion of the project will now broaden to a school-wide grades 9-12 club. This will include finalizing the build, testing the unit, and finally, become citizen scientist!

My background is Technology and Engineering Education from California University of Pennsylvania and Integrative STEM Education from Virginia Tech.

I look forward to continuing the mentor process as high school students get to dive in to real science! Below are some pictures to date of the pier fabrication, camera box fabrication, control box fabrication, and camera box assembly. I will update with more pictures of the camera and power board assembly soon.

As you can see, after laying out the hole locations, we got carried away with the placement of center punches!

Beginning the fabrication of the bottom and top plate. Students loved using the step bit and counterbore!

Welcome to the PANOPTES community ! - we look forward to seeing more pictures as you go along.
Which mount are you using ? Did you already select / purchase it ?
We should coordinate about electronics as well - our latest units run on a Rasberry Pi 4 and we’ve been simplifying the electronics.
How about we set up a chat to discuss ? - we also have monthly meetings first Wed of every month at 22:00 UTC (Universal time). These are a great way to interact with other builders.

To receive an invite to the monthly meeting and connection info, please send a quick email to