Building Thread for PAN016 - Oakland CA Middle School AstroHawks


I lead a team of middle school builder/makers, who have enthusiastically embraced the Panoptes build. We are a parent-led group, informally associated with Head Royce School in Oakland, CA. The name “AstroHawks” was chosen for this particular project from the school mascot, the Jayhawk (there isn’t really such a bird).

My own background is electrical engineering (now retired), having spent several decades in the semiconductor industry in silicon valley, working mostly on chip and board level designs.

We have completed the pier and the camera board. We wrote some simple Arduino sketches for successful testing of power switching to CON3 and 4 (9V for Camera 1 and 2) and also successfully tested the humidity/temp sensor. We still need to write a sketch for testing the accelerometer, but assume that works since everything else functions properly.

Next for us is building and testing the control board.

Here are photos of some of the kids at work:

Toward the end of the pier construction:

Soldering the camera board:


Fantastic progress AstroHawks! Look forward to seeing how you go with the next phase.


Congratulation for what looks like a great start ! I am somehow jealous of the kids that will be able to work on this project ^^


Testing is complete on the camera board. Instructions were clear. Now we’re on to the control board.

Nem kindly sent us a pre-release version of the control board build instructions, based on v0, and we knew that they were not fully updated to reflect the v1 board we’re building. By using a combination of the parts list and schematic, I believe we’ve completed the control board. Now on to testing . . .


Great to hear. Let us know how you go


Great job, AstroHawks! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!


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Proud middle-schoolers. Making good progress:

A few images of the kids at work: