Camera Board Plug Questions

  1. There are 3 power plugs on the camera board – what plugs into each of these?
  2. The Arduinos on the camera and telemetry boards – the micro-USB port; what goes into each?

At one end of the board are two barrel jacks, DC 9V, one for each camera. After cutting the DC cable that comes with the ACK-E15 (make it about 1.5 to 2 feet long from the right-angle barrel plug to the point where you cut), you solder on a 2.1x5.5mm barrel plug. I switched to right angle plugs, as opposed to straight plugs, because space was a bit tight… in part because I arranged the electronics (board and USB hub) a bit inefficiently.

At the other end of the camera board are the DC 12V power input barrel jack and the USB jack of the micro. The power input is ultimately connected to the power board in the control box.

Did you purchase an unpowered USB hub or a powered one?

James, in answer to the question, we purchased an unpowered USB hub, the one that was on the original parts list. We purchased three of the same exact hub, as instructed by the parts list.

In that case you won’t need the Y-splitter that I recommended, you can just run a long DC cable from the power board to the camera board.