Canon EOS200D Overview

The current design is using a Canon EOS 100D (branded as Rebel SLi in the USA) which unfortunately has been discontinued and is getting harder to find. The 200D is the replacement model and has a few feature changes that are relevant, namely:

  • More expensive (~$200 USD)
  • More pixels (same sensor size therefore different plate scale)
  • Dual Pixel autofocus (readnoise considerations)
  • Wifi, bluetooth, NFC.

Some relevant pages:

I’ve just received one of these for testing purposes so this thread will be used to discuss the pros and cons of the 200D as well as any relevant information we find along the way.

Canon M100 could be an interesting alternative, see at

  • equivalent sensor
  • probably same interface for programming
  • you do not pay for a mirror or optical finder ( not used anyway)
  • less change for mechanical defects
  • stock sales ( perhaps not selling well in Europe ?)