Does any one know where to find the Google cloud with the data?

My team wants to start looking at the data and see if we can come up with a more effective analysis method. But we can’t find the data anywhere.

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Recent data is available on the data explorer:

We are testing a tool for all to run searches on all PANOPTES data on the cloud. Should be ready and released in a couple of week. We’ll make sure to link it from our webpage.


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This link just shows the stats of photos taken and from which units. Where can we find the actual photos?

The data explorer looks like a work in progress, but the raw images are available for download as compressed .fits files (.fz) from Google Cloud storage by clicking on the field describing the observation of your choice and looking at the “fits-list…”.txt manifest for the hyperlinks, e.g. If you don’t know, you can view and interact with .fz files using a program such as ds9.

Remarks @wtgee?

P.s.: I’m not seeing the observation fields actually updating when I, for example, want to look at only a particular unit’s data or want to switch back to a previous set of search parameters. Also if there isn’t already, it would be nice to have a list of target names to choose from for the first search input.

Amazing interface. Really great project overall. Is this interface available as an opensource software as well ?

I’d like to use PANOPTES software stack as a model for a spectroscopic amateur research project. For now I have worked on a single unit to make it compatible with guiding and with indi driver. I am almost there, and starting to think about the next step (data upload + db update).

Congratulation again to the whole team for the amazing work!

Answering my own simple question here: