DR-E15 DC Coupler - Battery replacement for Canon SL1 / 100D

I’m filling in the DC Cables sheet of the parts list, and would like to figure out exactly what size the right-angle barrel plugs is that goes into the DR-E15 DC Coupler (that plastic part that slips into the camera). I followed the original instructions, which call for cutting the DC cable from the AC adapter (equivalent to Canon’s ACK-E15), preserving the end that goes into the DC Coupler and adding a 2.1x5.5mm barrel plug at the cut end; that new plug attaches to the camera board to supply power to the camera.

So, can someone (Jhen or Christina?) with these parts take measurements of the plug and share it with us? E.g. use a caliper and measure the outside diameter of the plug. I suspect it will be pretty hard to measure the inside diameter of the plug, or even the pin diameter in the DC Coupler, as they are very small.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I’m on the opposite side of the US away from the UA PANOPTES unit. Christina, you’re the only hope now!

James, we got the Canon Rebel cameras (per the original parts list) and the ACK-E15 7.4V 2A third-party AC adapter (also per the original parts list). The third-party adapter has a right-angle barrel plug that measures 2.99mm (outside diameter). It is larger than the power receptacle in the camera (there is no way to get it to work with the camera). The camera’s receptacle hole is about 2.4mm (inside diameter). We need to know what barrel plug to buy - will check some web sites to see what we can find and will post the size if we find out.

The SL1 might have the same size receptacle - do not know since we do not have one.

Did the ACK-E15 come with the equivalent of a Canon DC Coupler DR-E1? The right-angle barrel plug goes into the coupler, which is a piece of plastic the same shape and size as a real SL1 battery, with metal contacts connected to a barrel jack into which you push the plug that is attached to the ACK-E15.

Oh, and where on the camera is that 2.4mm hole?

The 2.4mm hole is under a flip-out cover on the left side of the camera (as you are holding it as to take a picture).

A black plastic box with two contacts came with the ACK-E15, and is the same size and shape as the camera’s battery (will fit in place of the battery).

The mini USB receptacle is under the same cover, as is the microphone plug.

I think that 2.4mm hole is either the microphone or remote control jack.

Plug the right-angle barrel plug into the black plastic box (DC coupler), then insert the box into the spot where the battery goes (you’ll need to squint into the hole to figure out which way around the box goes). As I recall, there is a little rubber flap that can move aside to allow the DC cable to come out of the battery compartment on the side of the camera, allowing the battery cover to close completely.

Wow - it is as you said. Not at all how I would have expected it to work! Thank you.

The microphone hole is different - larger and located higher on the body (within the area under the flip-out cover). But the 2.4mm hole is probably for a remote control plug.