Errors Encountered in Setup of Intel NUC Computer


We have been using James’ beta document to configure the Intel NUC, and hit two errors:
1.) On the POCS 3rd party software script install, we got the error that libpng12-dev is not available but being referred to by another package, and that it has no installation candidate. Is this something that we need a fix or a work-around for?
2.) In the section to install and test PANOPTES software, the python setup and install is giving an import error that for line 7 there is no module named ConfigParser.

Thanks for any help!

Regarding the png library, I found this:

I don’t recall if POCS lists that as a requirement, out if it is indirectly referenced. Could you try installing the newer library and then repeating the install dependencies step?

Thanks, James, will give it a try! I thought these errors were POCS-specific, and did not search Ubuntu for that reason. But if it is OK in the future to look for answers on askubuntu, we will do so!

Hi @clegrand

I just installed POCS on Ubuntu 18.04 and I used the following dependencies:

libpng12-0 instead of libpng12-dev
and scikit-image instead of skimage

For ConfigParser I did:

pip3 install configparser

(you may have to use pip and not pip3 if set up with anaconda)

Also I had to run the setup script in the appropriate directory otherwise it would not find the config file, I think it was looking with a relative path.

Hope it helps

Thank you so much!!! Will try it out!!!