General Parts List for grant writing

Hello, I’m a mentor for a new student group that wants to build this coming school year. The grant I’m applying for requires a basic parts list. Is any general one available quickly? The application deadline is 6/1/19. Thanks!

Hi @marsfan.

You can find a full spreadsheet here: PANOPTES Parts List. This gives a total price overview as well as break-downs by each of the various parts. We are currently working on a few more ways to try and reduce this by $500-$1000, mostly by using a different computer (~$500) and weather stations (~$500) , but this should get you in the ball park.

It is kind of a detailed list, so I’m not sure if you can just include a link to it or not. An extremely basic summary is:

Mount: $1200
Pier: $200
Control Box: $1500
Camera Box: $1500
Misc parts & tools: $500

Let us know if you have any more questions!