Google Summer of Code'19


Hi I’m new to project PANOPTES and really look forward towards contributing in it. Is there a dedicated channel or thread where the GSoC discussions are happenig which I can join because I can seem to find one.


Hello People. This is Sushant Mehta from India. I am currently in my third year of B.Tech(Computer Science) and looking forward to working with Panoptes during the course of GSoC 2019.


hi Sushant , fellow GSoCer here looking forward to work with you!


Welcome to Project PANOPTES, Aditya and Sushant! We’re glad to have you join us!


This thing looks nice.

Also, any guidance to begin with the process of contributing?


hi @rachel.z-b , really nice to hear from you!
I was going through the prospective projects of this year’s GSoC and I was really interested in cloud based scheduler update project as it seems right in line with my forte. I understand that @james.synge and @wtgee are the mentors so can we discuss here?


This is Harsh Anand from IIT jodhpur, I am interested in contributing here. I have good enough knowledge of python and have a great command over maths (differential equations, linear algebra, calculus, graph theory, matrices). I have tried my hands on machine learning and block chain and stuff, i am a pretty fast learner.


I have tried my hands in development (a bit), This is the first time I am doing open source! I was interested in the “Observatory Dependency Decoupling” project. I have a few questions/ doubts, is this the right platform to ask? @rachel.z-b


Hi all,

I’ve created a new category for discussing Google Summer of Code (we clearly should have done so earlier!). I’ll see if I can move this topic to the new category.

Please create topics for each starting question (e.g. where is the existing scheduler, how does the dome simulator work)?

James Synge
(GSoC Mentor)


Welcome, Harsh! Yes, this is a good platform to ask about the observatory dependence decoupling project.