GSoC 2019 Proposals

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals to PANOPTES this year for the GSoC 2019. We had a lot of good applications. Unfortunately we are only allowed two slots and they must be assigned for different projects. The overwhelming majority of our proposals were all for the same project idea, meaning we could only select one student for that area.

A big thanks for all the PRs and questions leading up to the application, it helped us to define the scope and think about the project. We always welcome continued contributions from the public, and of course always are interested in helping people build PANOPTES units! :star: :telescope: :star2:

Keep up the good work in open source and best of luck to all your future work!


The Project PANOPTES Team.


Congratulations to those who were selected for GSoC '19.
@wtgee I’d like to have a feedback on my proposal so that I can apply in 2020 with the improvements.
Also, the project I filled for wasn’t provided a slot. I’d still like to work with PANOPTES on the same if possible.

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Thanks @sushant_mehta, we really appreciate that! What we will do is set that up as an Issue in the github repo, probably with a number of sub-issues that are related to it, and then proceed from there. I can try to get to that tomorrow or feel free to proceed in the meantime.

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Please let me know when can we move forward with this @wtgee

Hi @sushant_mehta, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Myself, @ahorton, and @james.synge will be working on some of the messaging components coming up shortly. @ahorton has actually started a little of the work using a new dome class.

There are still some items we should discuss about this, so we should open up a topic over in the #software channel. I think we’ll probably start getting to some of this work in about a month. I need to finish cleaning up some of the Docker install before we want to make a push for that.

We are definitely still interested in the help though, thank you!