Has Panoptes found any exoplanets yet?

Hi astrofriends :slight_smile:

I have seen many information about how to setup and build the hardware but I have a few questions that related to 2nd day tasks, meaning let’s suppose I have built it and it’s working fine. What am I supposed to do after this?

  • Do I put it outside and you guys are controlling it remotely?
  • Are the images taken available for download? If yes, then please provide the link with the images .e.g from yesterday or some other day
  • Who is processing the images? Ok, let’s say we have gathered a bunch of data worldwide. Is Panoptes providing the software analyzing the data and telling you if there is an exoplanet? Is this service running somewhere on the cloud or you run it locally on the unit itself?
  • Do you have any links with the big-wins/achievements of Panoptes so far to check?
  • Is there any video/tutorial somewhere explaining how is happening from the time a picture is taken until an exoplanet has been detected? That would be very useful to have a high-level overview of the whole end-to-end procedure.

Thank you for your time,