Hilo Panoptes Team Introduction

Hi everybody! Just introducing ourselves: We’re the Panoptes team based in Hilo, Hawaii, and we’re currently building 1 unit. We began this project a bit before 2020, but since COVID stunted our progress we’re really getting started now. Most of our building will be done at the Hilo Civil Air Patrol Hangar, where we will involve Civil Air Patrol Cadets from many different schools. In the unit that’s being built right now we’re almost done with the camera box and the control box, and we haven’t started on anything else. We have yet to decide on a place to put the unit when it’s done, but it will possibly go on Maunakea. We hope to be able to finish this project within the next 2 months, and from there build other units with the cadets from Civil Air Patrol.

Here is how are control box is looking right now:

We’re very excited to be working on this project alongside you all!


Great to hear from you. Please keep sharing updates. How big is your build team ?

Great job, congrats for the kickstart effort.