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A citizen science project that aims to make it easy for anyone to build a low cost, robotic telescope that can be used to detect transiting exoplanets.

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Welcome to our new website! Will be a few things that need to be fixed initial (like the menu…) but hopefully it will allow us to update a lot quicker.

Check it out at https://projectpanoptes.org

If you are a build team, please send me (via info@projectpanoptes) the following:

  • Unit ID, e.g. PAN008.
  • Name, e.g. BigMac, optional.
  • Host, e.g. Macquarie University. This is the school or team name.
  • Location of unit, e.g. Sydney Australia. Can be the same as the host.
  • An image you would like to show of the unit.
  • An email contact. Not shown on page.
  • Web page. If you have your own web page you would like linked. Could be the school or host or anything relevant.

We don’t have to display all this information but it would be nice! Hopefully in the soonish future we’ll give you the ability to update your own information.


Just an FYI, looks like all the links to images and PDF’s in the “Instructions” section are broken. Some examples that all return 404 not found for me.