How much storage do I need for 1 night of data?

I am trying to buy a form of storage for my unit, but I don’t know how much I need. My plan is to use a system of rotating out hard drives every night and upload data in the morning. So how much data does the unit collect in a single night? and where do I upload the data?

Hi Aidan,


A PANOPTES telescope could produce up to 12 GB per night. To upload that within 24 hours (i.e. before the next night’s upload needed to start), the telescope would need an internet connection of about 139kB/second, or just over 1.1Mb/second. Note though, that it would be rare for a scope to have such great skies that so much data would be produced.

Data should be uploaded to Google Cloud Storage, although someone else will need to give you access if you have data. It is also my understanding that an automatic image processing pipeline is being developed. If it’s at all possible to get even a weak internet connection controlling your unit and uploading data will be much easier once the image pipeline is implemented.

Hi Aidan
We are bandwidth limited at Mt Wilson as well, so we use portable hard drives and rotate them as they fill up. We calculated that the maximum size of one night of data for 2 cameras is around 20 GB. So we typically stick with 1 TB hard drives which gives us about 50 nights before we have to retrieve it. This is a very rough approximation and seems to be working fine at Mt Wilson.
Hope that helps?