How to cite panoptes ? bibtex

Dear all,

I am slow, but I am still working on building my own survey program starting right from panoptes software. My new target might not be imaging (this is already too mainstream ^^ and working in light polluted area doesn’t help), but instead spectroscopy.

Anyway, to motivate me writing more about my project, I am starting a paper skeleton with appropriate citation links, and I’d really like to highlight the panoptes project. This is why I was looking for a readymade bibtex that I could use to cite this project in my reports/presentations.

Thank you a lot for your help !

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Consider narrowband imaging in light polluted areas. Variable star photometry is fun too!



Hey @gnthibault, thanks for asking! I’ve been meaning to put a DOI on the repo once we got to a more stable version, but I can go back and do it for each of the tagged releases and put some instructions up. I’ll get to that this weekend. Thanks for the prompt!

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