IERS Tabler error

As we have decided to do a troubleshooting with our unit which was not operational for 3 months now. So we have taken our unit down from the main site and brought to our lab to fix it. While fixing we were trying to run some hardware checks and whether the system is working fine. The moment we run the pocs and commands we get IERS table error.

Is there any solution to this?

Hello Ugyen! It’s been a while, hope you’re well and healthy. I’m glad to see this unit back in action!

The PAN010 unit (UArizona) encountered this problem last November. The likely issue is there’s a problem with the IERS source website. This has been a documented case with Astropy. I think Wilfred (@wtgee) pointed to a website mirror for us to fix it. We got this update by downloading the docker container and installing POCS through there. I’ll leave it to Wilfred to guide you through on this, since he’s probably put in additional updates since we encountered this.

This is also potentially unrelated, but one problem could be your internet security connection. We had no problem with the IERS tables when we were testing indoors using the university’s wifi connection. However, our outdoor testing site (the roof) was not internet ready and when we tried using a cellphone data plan for internet connection, it gave us this error. We eventually got a secure internet connection on the roof. Even if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt to try connecting your unit through a hard wire connection.

Thank you @jlumbres. Yeah we are safe and sound.

I think as you mentioned it is withe the internet security connection. As we were trying it with cellphone connection because our network connection is currently down. So thank you for your clarification.

Great to hear the PAN018 team is safe and sound!

I was hoping the problem wasn’t going to be the internet security connection. I’m not an expert in internet security - it’s all a big black box to me. I don’t know how to solve the IERS tables issue if it’s the internet connection security. :frowning:

IERS being a problem has been discussed online within the Astropy community (Astropy github) as well within PANOPTES (PANOPTES github link). The common solution looks like updating Astropy and Astroplan. I think if you update through docker containers, it will automatically update all the necessary packages, too. (@wtgee please confirm, also I’m not sure where the docker instructions are located)

There is a trick to working on IERS in offline mode (Astropy IERS doc) but I’m not familiar with the POCS internal frame to know where to do that, which would otherwise lead you to further catastrophe.

Yeah we switched the wifi to the school’s connection but it didnt work. Maybe there should be some way to work around but still it can be a cause for catastrophe.

So basically do we do the git pull command to update the docker??

So basically we are trying to run cameras and weather on simulator in order to test the just the mount operation. But we are facing this camera not connected issue even though the cameras are detected. Anything we can do??

@UgyenJigmeRangdrel I remember encountering this while not running a camera simulator. Its usually caused by the cameras being remounted after either the NUC or cameras turn on and off. I am not sure if this matters when the simulator is being used. I was unmounting the cameras by using lsusb to find the dev number for the cameras, and then for each camera:

lsof | grep /dev/bus/usb/0XX

And then killing the process that showed up with kill PID.
Note: Our unit PAN015 is using the docker version of POCS which also has a problem like this. That can be fixed by stopping and starting the docker containers.