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Hi! I’m Micky from Hong Kong but study in Latvia and I am looking to apply GSOC with Panoptes, I especially interested in this project because it will be using GCP and I recently pass the GCP associate cloud engineer exam! I really want to put skill I learn in real


Micky, welcome! To learn more about our current GCP code, see this repo:

Wilfred (@wtgee) is the author of that code, and can answer your questions on the subject.



Hello mentors!
I am MRUNAL KSHIRSAGAR, third year undergraduate studying electronics. I am interested in project panoptes and wish to work with your org.
Message-based API Design & Implementation for Components is the project i am interested in.


Welcome Mrunal! Take a look at at issue 606 in the POCS repo for some thoughts on messaging.


@james.synge i want to know more about cameras components,as in the project it is mentioned that api for Components of cameras, however it would be helpful if you could provide me some info about it.

I have gone through issue, that says that it would be better to use dot and dollar method for the topic method. I also think the same since that can explicitly say what that topic used for, for eg:$
Correct me if i have got something wrong


Hey there, this is Farhan from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore . I’m looking forward to contributing to Project Panoptes as a part of GSoC’19 . My strengths are Python Programming Language, Arduino , Raspberry Pi , and a bit of C++ . I would really appreciate it if someone could pair me with a project for GSoC that matches with my skillset.


You can find more about the camera drivers/api here:

The AbstractCamera interface is here:


Farhan, take a look at the project ideas we posted here:

If those don’t appeal, consider looking at the issues in the POCS repository. The “good first issue” label is on fairly small tasks, but they might give you an easy way to start learning; for example, read an issue and skim the related code, then ask questions via responding to the issue to help refine the description of the issue and the work involved.

Does that make sense?


Hello people,

This is Sushant Mehta from Manipal University, India. I am currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering(3rd Year). I am well versed with Embedded Systems, Machine Learning and Networking, Web Technologies. Looking forward to contributing to Project Panoptes during the course of GSoC2019.


Hello for everyone, I am Sophomore computer science student Demezhan from Kazakhstan and I am interested in contributing to project Panoptes. I have a good knowledge of python, git and docker. I think I will be able to do good contribution.


Welcome all. Please start a new topic to introduce yourself, to start a discussion about a new area (e.g. where is the existing scheduler code), or to propose a project idea.

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