MacOS as development workstation

I develop mostly on MacOS.

I noticed that the installation scripts used apt-get and other linuxisms that don’t exist on MacOS.

What’s the recommended approach to developing with a MacOS workstation? I see a few possible options:

  • Write MacOS install scripts, and maintain them in parallel
  • Use Docker to create a PANOPTES development environment
  • Install Ubuntu 16.04 via dual boot or virtual box

Thanks @mimming for asking. I created a wiki page that has some instructions that others have used, check it out here:

Note also that there is a Docker container that is in the works that should make things even simpler. Will post something in the forum when that becomes available.

Let us know if you have any issues with the above!

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Thanks for the updated instructions! They worked like a charm.

I posted a video of me working through them on YouTube here.

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