New Builder

/1/19. Thanks!

As @marsfan asked, I too am starting a build this school year and am checking if there is a more recent parts list than the one @marsfan received. The deadline is coming up 11/1/19.

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to the challenge of building a Panoptes!

Hi Brice and Rob

The latest build sequence instructions and parts lists can be found on the website. I share the link here for you. The parts lists have been separate for each module because you may not want to build all of them at once. There is no single list with everything in it at the moment, so youll have to basically add all parts together to get an overview of the scope of the entire build.
Hope this helps.

@nem Thank you for your information!

Can anyone elaborate on the process of connecting Panoptes to a power supply? I need to put in a work order for my school district to provide power for Panoptes on the roof of our high school. I wasn’t sure if requesting a 110v waterproof twist lock outlet would be the best option.

Hi Brice
The unit runs on 110V power if in the US. In the parts list for the UPS there is an IEC lead you can connect to the UPS so it can connect to a standard extension lead. What we did on PAN012 and PAN001, is that we ran a long extension lead from a nearby building, and put the plug inside the electronics box. This way the connection to the UPS is protected from the element.

In both cases the power cable was placed in a conduit between the building and electronics box to protect it from the elements.

Note, if you just want to get the power supply working for now, you dont need the extension lead. That is best to chose once you have a site/location and know the distances from the unit to the power outlet.

Please see the UPS instructions and parts list for further info.
Hope this helps