Ordering Electronics

Where are we on the PCB and ordering electronics. I have seen notices that we are not to purchase electronic components without checking first.

The first draft of the new PCB design (works for both the camera and control boxes) has been fabricated and tested, during which a few mistakes have been found. Luc (EE at Gemini South Telescope) has spent the last couple of days redoing the routing of traces on the board. We have a couple of experiments to perform, and another round of reviews of the schematic and PCB layout, after which we’ll order another set of boards for testing.

Joe, would you and your students be interested/willing to test the next draft of the board design? There is a measure of risk: it is possible that there will be mistakes which render the board and your parts unusable.

I just spoke to Joe and he said yes. Will there be instructions for its assembly like the ones on Google Drive? Also, which PCB is being replaced, the telemetry board, power board, or camera board?

Excellent. Yes, there will be detailed instructions. Two of the new PCB are used in each scope, one in the control box and one in the camera box, replacing all three of the previous boards.

Will you be sending them, or can we pick them up when we visit JPL?


I’m aiming to do my review of the adjusted schematic and layout over the weekend, so with luck we’ll be ordering boards by middle of next week.

The full set of boards (maybe 10 this round) would be sent to a core team member (maybe a week after the order?), who would then distribute them (primarily via mail) to the builders in need of them (who are willing to test the new iteration of the layout). If @nem is willing to do this, then you could possibly pick up your two boards from him.