PAN013 Images


@james.synge encouraged me to post some of the photos I’ve taken this past year with the PANOPTES equipment. I mainly wanted to get familiar with operating the mount and get a basic understanding of ISO and other settings, so most of the photos are a result of me experimenting with different configurations. I also put a few of the images through PixinSight in an attempt to get some understanding behind image processing, but most of the images below are the unmodified output of Deep Sky Stacker. I didn’t take flat or bias frames for any of these but played around with darks as those were relatively easy to do. I don’t remember the exact exposures for each image set, but I kept the ISO at 1600 for almost all of these and usually captured at either 2 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour.


I also have a couple image sets I haven’t gotten around to processing yet. I’ll update the folder with those once I pull out the imaging hard drive I was using and get around to stacking them.

Hope you all enjoy!


Nice images Jonah. Some very cool objects. Congrats


Pretty cool :slight_smile: Congratulations, looks like your unit is setup and running well.