PAN015: Wildwood Institute for STEM Research and Development, WISRD (Wildwood School)

Nem, we are in West LA. We would love to come up to JPL for a visit sometime if it is available.

We are in the process of ordering parts and will be starting our build in about 4 weeks.

Thanks for being there.

Great to have you join our growing list of builders !
Note to (potential) builders in LA area: PANOPTES will be participating to the explore JPL event at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab on June 9 & 10.

Great to hear. My group is at Caltech, not JPL. We will be building a unit starting mid-June with the extremely ambitious goal of trying to take a transit curve within the first 10 weeks (before my interns finish up). You are more than welcome to come and see whats going on here. Probably best during summer once we have actually started the build though as we will have things to show. Please do reach out closer to the date and we can arrange it.

Oh and BTW, there is a build going on at JPL as well.

Could we still come up and see your build? We weren’t able to make it this summer. We have started on the control box and will be doing the camera box next before we start the electronics.


Hi Joe
Sure thing. Let me know when works for your team. And dont hesitate to ask for questions during the build to both myself and James as the older instructions are not fully complete.

Great, yes we have been winging some of the less important components.

We’ve been playing some. I just cut some silicone washers with our laser cutter. That stuff is really tough.

Students are back in two weeks. I’ll bring several students with me once we set up a date.


We have holes drilled for electronics case. We cut Silicone washers with laser cutter. We finished one of three camera mounts using X-Carve CNC with adapted “mister” to cut Al. We assume that the drawings call for 1/2" thickness of aluminum to add inertia to the cameras? We have holes marked on camera box and will be working on that this coming week. Kids are coming back for start of school and we should make more progress then. I am waiting to work on things when kids are around to participate.

Joe, could you share some pictures of the process? And when you say “camera mounts”, do you mean the three 1/2" thick aluminum plates?

We created a fan housing that will screw to the fan. The PVC is a slip fit with the housing.

We cut the three camera mount pieces on our X-Carve CNC Router.

We had to grind down the PVC couplings since we cut the holes a bit close.

We cut a gasket from a sheet of silicon using our laser cutter.

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Great progress! I love the fan mount. Can you upload the design file(s) for others to use?

Could you try re-uploading the second picture (the camera mount pieces)? It appears to have been corrupted.

I’ll have the kids upload the STL file.

Here are the cut Al pieces again.

Looks something like the photos on the official website.

Eureka, all the holes matched. We did a custom job though using suggested drawings with adaptations that made sense to us.

Closeup of camera assembly.

This is the 3D fan assembly installed. STL file will be uploaded as soon as I find it on our server.


Great photos! And adapting the design as you see fit, esp. the mechanical aspects, is absolutely fine.

Nem, How about Thursday the 13th for a visit?

How many could come? Are there any other things they could see while visiting?


Here is the .stl file for the fan adapter in the control box:

You will need to request access, since I am unable to upload it here.

Just a small update, we have created a 3D printed camera box seal.

The stl file can be downloaded here:
CameraBoxLenseSeal (6).stl (54.0 KB)

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Still waiting to hear about coming to visit. Thursdays are best. This Thursday or a week after next.


Sorry, I was tracking the abbreviated posts via email and didn’t see there was a lot more on here. I just got back from an instrument deployment in HI, so wouldn’t have been able to do it before this week anyway.

I can do anytime this Thursday at the moment. Does this Thursday work for you? Im here from 8 am to 6 pm. Only 3-4 pm is reserved at the moment. Let me know.

We can take this off line and arrange to meet via email possibly?

Impressive progress and ideas BTW. Nice going!

What is the locked down position of a PANOPTES unit when not active?