PAN015: Wildwood Institute for STEM Research and Development, WISRD (Wildwood School)

I’ll have the kids upload the STL file.

Here are the cut Al pieces again.

Looks something like the photos on the official website.

Eureka, all the holes matched. We did a custom job though using suggested drawings with adaptations that made sense to us.

Closeup of camera assembly.

This is the 3D fan assembly installed. STL file will be uploaded as soon as I find it on our server.


Great photos! And adapting the design as you see fit, esp. the mechanical aspects, is absolutely fine.

Nem, How about Thursday the 13th for a visit?

How many could come? Are there any other things they could see while visiting?


Here is the .stl file for the fan adapter in the control box:

You will need to request access, since I am unable to upload it here.

Just a small update, we have created a 3D printed camera box seal.

The stl file can be downloaded here:
CameraBoxLenseSeal (6).stl (54.0 KB)

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Still waiting to hear about coming to visit. Thursdays are best. This Thursday or a week after next.


Sorry, I was tracking the abbreviated posts via email and didn’t see there was a lot more on here. I just got back from an instrument deployment in HI, so wouldn’t have been able to do it before this week anyway.

I can do anytime this Thursday at the moment. Does this Thursday work for you? Im here from 8 am to 6 pm. Only 3-4 pm is reserved at the moment. Let me know.

We can take this off line and arrange to meet via email possibly?

Impressive progress and ideas BTW. Nice going!

What is the locked down position of a PANOPTES unit when not active?

The “park” position is with the cameras facing down and the RA axis horizontal. Note that the iOptron will not actually let you “park” in this position so we do the park command but then “manually” move the Dec axis to get the cameras facing down.

I think @amukherj and @nem had recently gone through this?

Google Photos

Google Photos

How does that seal work? Is it a tight fit around the lens hood? Is it made of a flexible material?



Those two images might actually be a bit confusing because they show the scope parked on the two different sides of the mount. The top photo shows it parked on the west side of a north facing mount (not used by PAN001 or PAN006) and the bottom one shows it parked on the east side of a north facing mount (correct).


I was quite impressed by Jonah’s weatherproofing of his scope, where it appears he has used some riveted together several bent aluminum sheets. However, given that you’ve been doing some 3D CAD and 3D printing, I wonder if you’d like to try an experiment…

The plastic covers for the electronics of the mount are held on with screws, and so can be taken off easily enough. I wondered about designing alternate covers, using the same holes, but specifically designed assist in weatherproofing the mount (e.g. slightly overlapping the bearings, etc.). Such 3D plastic might need to be sealed, and it might be necessary to use a rubber washer/gasket in the screw holes, but it is an interesting approach to weatherproofing the mount.

Yes, I should have pointed out that it doesn’t actually matter which side it is parked on and it should be set for whatever makes most sense at your location.

Here are images of the completed weather proofing for the mount.

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@james.synge Yes, it is just a very tight seal. It took 3 attempts to get the perfect fit.

Looks great! Nice progress.

I have received the new interface boards! Ill get in touch to get them over to you guys.

@zacharyt Hey all. I am redoing our main website, is it okay if I use some of these images?

@wtgee Yes, feel free to use them. I look forward to seeing the updates.