PAN016: Building Thread for Oakland CA Middle School AstroHawks

Hi, Richard.
I’m going to be working with the evaluator for the PANOPTES team to create a pre and post assessment for other PANOPTES build teams. Can you let me know which skills your students picked up (i.e., measuring, using power tools, soldering, learning about how scientists search for exoplanets, etc.) while working on building their PANOPTES unit? What did you hope your students would learn, and what did they actually learn? What surprised them along the way? Did they feel empowered by being able to build their own exoplanet hunting telescope? What are the lessons learned that we can pass on to future builders? What can we make more clear in our instructions to make it easier for others? What else am I missing?

Hi Rachel,

I’m traveling outside the country and will respond to your questions once I’m home after July 5.

best regards, Richard

After taking time off during the Summer, as the kids were all coming and going, we’re finally back to working on the build.

It appears the hardware is all working: we can control the mount, interface with the weather station, and capture images. Next steps are to get the weather proofing installed and then take the unit outside for our first try at alignment and image capure. We’ll keep you updated.

best regards, Richard

Where are the metal sheet templates for weather proofing? There is no hypertext link in the weather proofing doc. Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard, sorry this is late but working links have been added to the weatherproofing instruction doc. (There were changes I had to make to the measurement labels, which should all be correct now :+1:)

Thanks! We’ll report back once we complete the weather proofing and do our first alignment and image capture test.