Parts list updated: Canon SL2 Power Supply correction

When I modified the parts list to specify the Canon SL2 instead of the Canon SL1, I forgot that the battery shapes are not necessarily the same, so didn’t check whether the listed AC Adapter + DC Coupler were the right parts for an SL2… and they weren’t.

I’ve updated the entry to specify the ACK-E18, which is compatible with the SL2. Note that you don’t necessarily need to buy the AC Adapter, and can just get the DC Coupler; however, you may find it convenient to have both until you are ready to put everything together in the camera box and have the UPS put together. Furthermore, the price of the DC Coupler without the AC Adapter is almost as much as the two together, so there isn’t much of a savings.

Hm, I thought I had checked on the SL2 (EOS200D) and that they were both LP-E12, but I see they are listed as LP-E17.

I keep wanting to come up with a 3D printed design for that adapter. They are expensive here in Australia.

Fortunately others have designed such parts for 3D printing (the linked one is for the SL2). There are some cautions though: Canon detects that the faux battery isn’t made by them and puts up a prompt. I’m not sure if it will do so on every power-on or just once. If everytime, that might prevent us from using it.