Plan to build a PANOPTES unit in Shanghai, China

Hi, I plan to build a PANOPTES unit in Shanghai. It is part of an undergraduate research project. I would like know the updates about the parts that I have to purchase.



Nice to virtually meet you and we are happy to know you are interested in building a PANOPTES unit.

The current parts list is here: PANOPTES Parts List (Baseline Design 2)
We suggest you make an editable copy of the file for your build. The links for purchasing the parts, by default, are sellers in the USA. You will need to look for similar products in your local market.

The build instructions are being updated on a new platform since we recently designed a new baseline unit. See: New PANOPTES baseline unit

It would be good if you could stay in touch with us through the purchase and build process, so we can make sure you are on the latest design. We also hold informal weekly team meetings to discuss updates from PANOPTES teams and help troubleshoot any problems the builders might be facing. Please drop us an email at if you would like to join those meetings. We will send you the meeting date, time, and zoom information.


Hi, I have sent an email to but the mail system failed to deliver my message. Could you send the information about joining the regular PANOPTES meetings to my email address? Thanks!


Sure, we can do that. Could you message me your email address?

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I saw you are updating the parts list. Is this still current?

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Hi Mike,

Yes, this is the current parts list!

I live in an extremely rural area with excellent dark skies, some of the best in the US. However I saw that the system detects poor weather adjusts to protect the lense… My area does not have access to any official weather sensors but I do have my own weather station… Can I setup the weather detection to use my own weather station? My weather station is connected to the Weather Underground network.

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That sounds like a great site for a PANOPTES unit!

We use an external weather station to detect the weather conditions (AAG CloudWatcher). If you already have one, you can absolutely use that. We just have to slightly tweak the PANOPTES software on your unit to read from your weather station.

We are also looking to move away from using the AAG CloudWatcher because it is expensive and we could probably rig up something for a lot less. If you have any ideas for building a cheaper weather station, it would help us as well!

We could probably use an open weather api provider like Weather Underground to eliminate the need for a local onsite weather station altogether.

I am a software dev. What is all your code written in?

Most of it is in Python and all codes can be found here:

Hi I thought I have sent you my email address. But now I send it again:

Thanks, I have added your email to our mailing list. We will email you the details for our next meeting.

Hi Mike,
Would you like to join us at one of our team meetings as well? I can email you the details if you are interested.

@Preethi I would love to join the meetings!

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