POCS interactions with the outside - replacement for zmq

Dear all,
Congratulations for the project, I have learnt so much reading the code (and building a heavily modified version of it for amateur spectroscopy survey program).

I have also changed a bit PAWS to add some convenience features, and now I am starting to look at PAWS/POCS interactions.

In the future, I plan to replace part of POCS scheduler by TOM (that I need to investigate), however I think it was good to have a least 1 or 2 commands from PAWS directly, like the one that seems to be available right now like emergency stop button to park the whole observatory and unplug the normal fsm behaviour

I realized the pocs/utils/messaging.py completely disappeared from the project: https://github.com/panoptes/POCS/tree/develop/src/panoptes/pocs/utils

It was not clear for me what replaces this system, can someone give me a hint ?

Thank you in advance for your help