Proposal Making


Some of the organizations have a proposal format or template according to which we have to make the GSoC proposal. Is there any specific format that we have to follow with Panoptes?



Hello! @wtgee @james.synge is there any information regarding proposal making?


Hi! @james.synge any specifications and instructions on proposal making?, as the student application period will begin from 25th March


Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay on this. We put up a template at:

The template should serve as a guide and it’s not required that you exactly conform to it but we would like to see most of the information covered. Please let us know if you have any questions. Cheers and good luck!


@wtgee @james.synge How do I access the Exoplanet data(like coordinates in [RA,DEC] , distance from solar system,etc.) from the Project Panoptes repo. Can you please give me the link to a database, if any exists. I actually have a project idea that will attract more and more ‘Students’ towards Project Panoptes, where do I discuss it?


@wtgee @james.synge @ahorton
Is there any mail id where we can send our proposal for review ?