Push Back from IT Department

I have a question about software and the computer.

I am in the process of convincing my IT department at my county school system that it is safe to connect our PANOPTES unit (still in build phase) to the school network. My IT department is uncertain of the software coming from git hub and they want to use an existing county imaged computer rather than the Intel NUC.

Any advice on how I can encourage them that the PANOPTES suggested build sequence are safe options? They are really locking things down after our neighboring school system, Baltimore County Public Schools was recently hacked with sensitive data held at ransom. They want insurances that they can control the computer through the existing firewall and that the data the telescope is uploading is going to a secure location and that the software is safe and secure. They almost fell out of their chairs when I mentioned github and Linux.

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi Rob
Thats a shame. When I deal with major observatories they have similar policies and it makes things much more difficult. The observatories I work with offer to wipe your computer once it enters the observatory and do a fresh rebuild. In this way, they allow you to keep the computer, but it needs to be a fresh install by them. See if your IT department would be willing to do that? This requires you to keep an up to date build note for them (which you should have anyway).

One issue that arises from this approach is that they may want to be the admin for the comp and that means you may not maintain sudo rights to the computer and may not be able to install things.

Ill let Wilfred respond about the options of using POCs and other software for a PANOPTES comp that is not a NUC and/or possibly not run in linux.
Good luck with it.

@nem thank you for the quick response! I think this is a good compromise. I will run this by my IT department. I am unsure what you mean when you say “up to date build note”. Can you elaborate on what this is as I am unfamiliar with the phrase.

A build note can be a simple document that literally captures every thing you do to setup your computer and install all software. From the moment you boot the comp, you capture all installs, its helpful to copy the main commands to make it easy in future. Also, good to capture settings you make in the bios and so on. This way, if you delete the computer, someone just needs to read the document and rebuild it setup by step. That’s my understanding of the term.