Question on electronics documentation


This is Steve Colley, former electronics engineer at the Subaru Telescope. I have searched on the project website and google docs to round up electronics documentation. I did not find parts lists or Bill Of Materials (BOMs). I see the interface board schematic has Digikey part numbers. Has a BOM been uploaded to Digikey or, more generally, how would someone go about buying electronic parts?


Hi Steve
Good to hear from you. The website is about to be updated with a full new instruction set and parts list for the entire build. So whats on the website may be out of date and incomplete. I would not go off that. I can provide you with the new link (not sure how best to get it to you as its in beta and we are a week away from floating it on the site?). If you hold off a week, it should be up there soon for all to see.

BTW what is your interest in PANOPTES? Do you want to build a unit? Play with the electronics? Other?


I worked with Olivier at Subaru and supported his AO work, primarily electronics. Back then, he was building and testing the first Panoptes on Mauna Loa. I am only curious about the status of the project. So, I don’t need an advanced look. I will be checking in from time to time.


Hi Steve
Yes I remember you. I worked at Subaru as well and met you several times before you left.

The project has advanced quite a lot from back then. We have units being built all over the place and have a (near) complete instruction set and parts list that has been tested with custom electronics. We have a unit on sky every night collecting data and the data reduction pipeline is improving daily. We have used it to confirm we can indeed detect known transits so far. So we are slowly getting to the point of detecting new unknown transits. Our web and social media presence is really lacking as the team is small so unfortunately not all the action is made public which is shame. We hope to do better in the future.

Ill let you know once the instructions have been launched.