Replacing ZMQ by RabbitMQ or MQTT in pocs?

Dear all,

Although I have not been checking what was recently added to POCS, so excuse me if this question seems out of context, but I am still in the process of understanding pocs various parts and philosophy, I wanted to share some thought with you regarding AMQP (

Following some discussions with a fellow astronomer interested in automated observatory, I dig a bit about the topic of message passing mechanism for distributed application, and find out that although it was very fast, zeroMQ was lacking a few desirable feature for a message passing system.

One advantage of ZMQ is that it does not rely on a broker (less latency then), but from what I understand this is limiting the complexity of the distributed architecture one can setup with it. For instance, lets assume that I want to add redundancy in my system (3 rain monitor instead of 1) then I need to sub explicitly to all 3 publisher right ?
Using a broker would allow me to transparently get the most recent rain monitor data independently of the number of sensor there are within my sensor network. As well as dynamically adding or removing sensors.

Also, It could be interesting for someone to offload the database handling to an app directly connected to the broker like telegraf + mongodb instead of mongodb directly.

I realized also recently that unfortunately, telegraf does not feature a plugin for zmq.

Thank you for reading me