Resuming PAN005 Build

Hello All,

Christina & Doug LeGrand here - we are resuming our build of PAN005. Special thanks to James for helping to get our NUC computer set up!

Just wanted to let everyone know we have returned to the Forum and will be resuming our build.

Christina & Doug, PAN005


I’m delighted that you’re able to rejoin the community. Please speak up if you need any help, and share photos of your progress.

Hi, Christina & Doug. Welcome back!
I’m going to be working with the evaluator for the PANOPTES team to create a pre and post assessment for other PANOPTES build teams. Can you let me know which skills you picked up (i.e., measuring, using power tools, soldering, learning about how scientists search for exoplanets, etc.) while working on building your PANOPTES unit? What did you hope you would learn, and what did you actually learn? What surprised you along the way? Did you feel empowered by being able to build your own exoplanet hunting telescope? What are the lessons learned that we can pass on to future builders? What can we make more clear in our instructions to make it easier for others? What else am I missing?