Site requirements

What are the observing site requirements? Here in Vermont, there are several small observatories which could possibly provide power and networking and, maybe, relatively dark skies overhead. I don’t know about seeing. Certainly low altitude!


Seeing is irrelevant (our pixels are large, about 10 arcsec - seeing size, even in very bad sites, is at most 3 times smaller), so low elevation sites are OK.
Dark sky is important, but any site where the nightsky background is no brighter than natural sky brightness during full moon will work well. With light pollution, we loose the fainter stars, but we still do well on the brighter stars.
Then there is the clear sky fraction, which is an efficiency multiplier.


I wrote a doc with some thoughts about what to do once you’ve built a PANOPTES telescope, including site requirements. It isn’t “authoritative”, just captures my experience and observations.

FWIW, I’m in Lexington, MA. Where in VT are you located?


I think your document is very useful to start planning deployment. I don’t know what to do about the security issue. BTW, I am in Essex Junction, just outside Burlington.

I am a little bit out of the city (Bortle 5). Can I put that on the balcony?