Space Ghost in One Camera

Interesting artifact in some of the images from one camera last night.

These are taken at the same time, different cameras. I’m guessing some sort of internal reflection although it does change a bit over the timelapse. You can see it in the timelapse from the jpgs but I’ll put together one from the fits which shows it better.

Space Ghost:

Focus is off a bit on the camera that shows the weird thing.

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This is not on the sky but does change with the camera position, so not on the lens. Here is the uncorrected pointing image which is in a slightly different location, showing the ghost in a different spot on the sky and relative to the frame.

Which unit? What time and day? and where in the sky (alt, az)? Certainly looks like it might be some sort of internal reflection, but it is not clear to me what it is a reflection of.

From PAN001 at Maunaloa. Right near zenith, Alt =~ 66° Az =~ 180°. It actually crosses the meridian during the 8 exposures.

Taken at 15:25 UTC, 05:25am local time, so near sunrise, with sun just above -18°.

Note that normally we would not be observing at this time except yesterday I happened to switch the horizon limit to -12°.

Haven’t seen anything similar in the images before and while I don’t look at all of them I usually watch most of the timelapses looking for odd things, which is how I found this.

Moon is almost directly above the images so could easily be coming from that, just strange that it would only appear in one. Just the right angle to bounce off the lens hood maybe.