Telemetry Board Plug Questions

  1. There are 4 of the same identical plugs on the telemetry board – 3 in one row, and one on a different row. Specifically, what plugs into each?
  2. There is a power plug, the same as the 7 that are on the power board. Specifically, what plugs into this?
  1. The 3 3-pin jacks that are in a row are for the 3 temperature sensors (DS18B20) that you attached to wires. The other jack is for the temperature & humidity sensor (AM2302), which comes with wires attached. In all 4 cases, you need to solder on connectors (DigiKey part WM6274-ND, included in the parts list) where they will insert into the jacks on the board.
  2. The power input jack of the telemetry board connects to a power output jack in a corner of the power board. See this picture for the place where it attaches on the power board.