Thread for new Panoptes unit in India

Hello, iam part of a team interested in building a Panoptes unit. Iam from Mumbai city in India & our team includes highschool students & engineering graduates. We are happy to contribute to Astronomy research through the platform that the Panoptes team is providing.
We wish to attempt to reduce the overall cost by making changes in the equatorial mount or to buy a non motorized mount and then add motors and incremental encoder to control it through Arduino. Also we want to power the system through solar panels & a backup battery.
Till now we have made a circuit to sense battery voltage level and charge it through a 10W solar panels. We also made some changes to a customized DC motor driver which was used in a 2KW solar tracker, and can handle upto 10A at 12V.
We are seeking funding for further developments & so we have sent our project’s concept in the form of a short video to a maker faire called as Maker Mela. They liked the concept and have uploaded our video on their event website and other platforms. So we hope to get enough recognition in order to approach for funding. Alongside we are planning to conduct online sessions for students on various topics related to Astronomy. The link for the Maker Mela video is as follows

We will be posting related developments soon…

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