Twitter support enabled for PAN006

Thanks to Luca (@jeremylan) who contributed support for Twitter and Slack, PAN006 is now tweeting its activities. Interestingly, during setup of the account, Twitter briefly locked the account until I associated a phone number with the account so that they could send a code to it. Not sure if that is a general policy, or if I some how triggered that.

Luca has written directions for enabling this support which I’ll incorporate into the NUC setup documentation.

FYI, I asked for account PAN006, which Twitter turned into PAN0061 because someone had already created an account called PAN006. If you’re planning to create an account for your unit, you might try putting an underscore or a dash after PAN to see if that helps, or use a name like Panoptes006 (I’ve created this and will change to using that once time allows).



Glad to hear it is working well, thanks @jeremylan. I’ll get PAN001 hooked up.

For PAN008 I have the twitter name:

@james.synge I think let’s maybe keep the instructions separate from the NUC setup itself? We can discuss elsewhere but basically a post-setup sheet.

Perhaps though we should have a suggestion near the start of the instructions that say:

Once you have your unit identifier create a gmail and twitter account for your unit. You’ll use them later when your unit is nearly ready for running automatically/remotely.

Sounds good regarding instructions.

As for the twitter support, good next step would be to post pics (first of each observation?) and the timelapse. :grinning:

I absolutely agree about that. And note that the last report this morning from PAN006 was a lie: it was confused by the weather so POCS had actually stopped working. The auto-reboot script detected this in the afternoon and rebooted it.