Unix Commands for NUC Setup

@james.synge - James, we successfully installed Ubuntu on the Intel NUC, and got somewhat familiar with it. After finding the terminal prompt, we entered the commands to create /var/panoptes. I can read enough Linux and Python to understand what the POCS document will accomplish, but don’t know enough specific Unix commands to, for example, “define the environment variables in the current shell or in the bash profile”. Can you walk us through this?

I don’t have time for a detailed reply now (which should probably be on the POCS wiki), so let me point you here:

OK, thank you, @james.synge, we will take a look!

For editing files, I recommend pico or nano for editing from the command line (one or both will already be installed).

@james.synge, thank you for the link, but I think we need more basic help. We do not know which specific Linux commands to use to call up the shell so that we can input the “export” commands we see in the documentation.

If the documentation could be modified to include these commands in a more detailed way, we could probably get POCS installed and move forward.

There will probably be other unit builders like us who can read and understand the Linux we are seeing in the instructions, but have not done enough “hands on” admin tasks to know how to do this without granular instructions.

Thank you for any additional help!